Google Ranking Factors

Our views and opinions, based on experimentation, applied logic & a whole lot of guesswork. Yes, that means we are not claiming to be know-it-alls!

Because Google doesn’t tell users explicitly what goes into assessing rank, people like us have to discover them for ourselves. Usually, and unless you have a huge data set you can use, it comes down to doing these two things:

1) We listen to what industry leaders say. This is the main way in which I learned SEO myself, by reading a lot of articles and learning from others.

2) We experiment on our own websites, but that presents hurdles like how to isolate cause and effect, or, how we can experiment on a single factor at a time, and how long it takes to complete some experiments.

Reality means there is going to be an element of guesswork, logic and assumption.

As such, our list of ranking factors would have to be labeled as a work of fiction.

I don’t really know what the ranking factors are, but logic and reasoning has led me to believe in a fairly extensive set of parameters, and I’d like to share some of them with you here. This is not the complete set.