Google Ranking Factor – Bounce Rate

It’s a myth!

I do not believe bounce rate in Analytics will affect organic rank at all.

What does matter though is the return-to-G-SERPs rate, effectively a bounce with a very specific re-engagement in search results. This is not data that is measured in Google Analytics at all.

Think of it this way: If your bounce rate was affecting your ability to rank, wouldn’t you just turn Google Analytics off and run a different product instead? Google cannot measure interactions inside your website unless you give it permission and data access.

Here’s a view that agrees with ours.

I totally, 100% and absolutely do not believe any Analytics data is used for rank assessment.

Comment from Google’s John Mueller:

Yeah, we don’t use Google Analytics at all with regards to the search algorithm. And part of that is just because not all sites use Analytics and so you can’t really balance we have some signals for this site here and we have no signals at all for this commerce site here, what does that actually mean? How do you weigh that?

There are plenty that disagree with me, so use your own judgement here and test it. If you can prove me wrong, please let me know! I love to learn new verifiable facts about SEO.